1 body, 100 artists and concepts of nudity

Hugo Faz – About the Artist

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My name is Hugo Faz and I am an actor, performance artist and photographer based in São Paulo, Brazil, developing artistic research on the relations between the human body and the social body. You can see my full artistic portfolio in acting, performance and photography here.

Among several projects I’m working on, 100 NUDE Shoots (of Hugo) is a feature photographic project where I’m being portrayed nude in 100 photoshoots produced by me in collaboration with 100 different photographers, each with unique concepts, views and interpretations of the nude. The mission is to “unite” so many different contemporary views and concepts about nudity and help blur the lines that still distinguish, when the human body is portrayed, fine art from amateur, fashion from erotic, artistic from pornographic, and in this process try to convey that being nude is being human — it is the absence of meaning and all meanings at once.

I believe that in order to flourish, we must strip mind and body from repressive bounds and straps and not be afraid to embrace and show who we really are, from the heart to the skin. Do you believe it too? You can become a Contributor to my work and get access to exclusive content. Click here to learn more.

I love getting your impressions and interacting, so please share with me your thoughts and feelings about my work. Thanks for keeping up with me until here! I’ve got a long journey ahead and I hope you’d like to keep following me on this path!


Hugo Faz

Obviously, many of the images of my work contain nudity, so if this warning means anything to you, be warned and proceed at your own discretion.

None of the photos, videos or artworks published here, either taken by me or collaborating photographers, may be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted, uploaded or used in any way without my previous written permission. Please contact me for any publishing matters. And if you’d like to have your own print of one of my photographs, please visit this page.

Also write me if you are a photographer and would like to partake. I’m also just as open to collaborations with non-photographer visual artists, either in side-works to my project, live modeling, or the production of artworks based on my photographs. I’m also available for discussing any other acting, performance, photography or modeling work.