The Lonely Project, by photographer Ricardo Rico, was my first experience modeling for a professional photographer. I had never been in a professional photoshoot before — clothed or naked. Since that day, I’ve never really been able to feel comfortable when shooting clothed.

Hugo by Ricardo Rico for The Lonely Project Hugo by Ricardo Rico for The Lonely Project

“‘The Lonely Project’ intends to show male beauty in an intimate way. With a natural but bold touch, the language of loneliness exerts an intrinsic strength and reveals all its depth. It shows that the beauty of male intimacy is present in everyday life and that it should be portrayed just as well as female beauty. It is an indirect way of saying ‘I am here’, not to transgress but to transpose. I believe that in this moment of introspection, the true self emerges and nudity is just a detail before a naked soul in itself.” – Ricardo Rico

Hugo by Ricardo Rico for The Lonely Project

The above photo is available as a Limited Edition Fine Art Print for sale via my Gallery on DeviantArt. When you purchase one of my Prints, you acquire an exclusive work of art owned by few others and also contribute to the continuation of my work. Visit the Gallery (note that it is only possible to purchase using the desktop version of the DeviantArt site), or first read more about the Prints of 100 NUDE Shoots by clicking here.

Hugo by Ricardo Rico for The Lonely Project Hugo by Ricardo Rico for The Lonely Project Hugo by Ricardo Rico for The Lonely Project Hugo by Ricardo Rico for The Lonely Project

100 NUDE Shoots (of Hugo) is a photographic project where I’m in the process of being portrayed in 100 nude photoshoots by 100 different artists with their own unique concepts, views and interpretations of nudity. The photoshoots will be published here as they are produced.

My name is Hugo and I am an entrepreneur, stage actor and performer based in São Paulo, Brazil. I started this project not as a photographer but as a model, in order to “unite” so many different contemporary views and concepts about nudity and, perhaps, help blur the lines that still distinguish, when the human body is portrayed, fine art from amateurfashion from eroticartistic from pornographic, and in this process try to convey that being nude is being human, and the actions and the art we do with it should not need excuses or permission, or be subject to any kind of censorship.

On my early thirties I discovered — not too late — my desire and capability of telling beautiful stories and passing important messages through acting, performance and visual art. I believe that in order to flourish, we must strip mind and body from repressive bounds and straps and not be afraid to embrace and show who we really are, from the heart to the skin.

I’d love to get your impressions. I’ve got a long journey ahead and I hope you’d like to follow me on this path!