Hugo Faz by Sam Devries on Fire Island

Visiting Sam: Fire Island

So, two and a half years after I first met with Sam during his stay in São Paulo for shoot # 25 of 100 NUDE Shoots, it was finally my turn to visit him in New York. I remember very well how that shoot was iconic in that it was the first time I was…Read more Visiting Sam: Fire Island

Hugo by Julio Leão Tempero da Carne Seasoning the Flesh featured photo

32 – “Spice of the Flesh”, by Julio Leão

Julio Leão is a photographer who began his career in acting, pretty much like myself. The interesting bit of this story is that we had been colleagues in the cast of an independent musical in São Paulo called "Noturno" all the way back in 2006, when Julio was still a teenager. More than ten years…Read more 32 – “Spice of the Flesh”, by Julio Leão

Hugo by Alejandro Zenha The Inhabitant

30 – “THE INHABITANT”, by Alejandro Zenha

Alejandro Zenha is an architect, and being a photographer who emerged from the visual arts, he discovered his true artistic vein behind the lens of an objective. We shot at the estúdio NU during its final renovation works, and Alejandro made a collage with street photographs he made of São Paulo. The resulting series of images he called "THE INHABITANT".…Read more 30 – “THE INHABITANT”, by Alejandro Zenha

Hugo by Yogue Alencar BPD Borderline Personality Disorder

29 – by Yogue Alencar

Yogue Alencar is a 34-year-old photographer from Brasília with almost a decade of experience making female nude photography. Mostly known for his erotic photography portfolio on Suicide Girls and his authorial series called "Maison des Anges", Yogue Alencar is a controversial "love or hate" social network celebrity: daily receiving and reposting tens of female and male…Read more 29 – by Yogue Alencar

Hugo by André Medeiros Martins Featured Photo

28 – by André Medeiros Martins

André Medeiros Martins is an actor and performer. He is, in his own words, a self-fictionist. He does not consider himself a photographer. I had already offered myself and been invited to participate in some of his projects when, close to launching his website — which compiles in a virtual apartment his portfolio of more than…Read more 28 – by André Medeiros Martins

Hugo by Rony Hernandes Projeto Florescer

27 – by Rony Hernandes

It was even before launching 100 NUDE Shoots that I was enchanted by Rony Hernandes' work with his project "Florescer" ("Blossoming"), and asked him to collaborate. Rony is very young but has a centuries-old sensitivity — and not unlike me, he explores in his work the intersections of visual, body and performative arts. With the…Read more 27 – by Rony Hernandes

Hugo by Felipe Serrano (@nuvidro) Nu Vidro

26 – by Felipe Serrano

Felipe Serrano was pissed off having to apply blur to his recent endeavor — photographing his friends nude — in order to be able to safely publish the images on social networks. Passing in front of a glass shop he saw this square piece of bubbly glass and had an idea… using the glass, the…Read more 26 – by Felipe Serrano

Hugo by Sam Devries - Featured Photo

25 – by Sam

I'm excited to complete the first quarter of the project, with shoot # 25 by the male form photographer Sam from NYC. One of the recurrent subjects (among many others) that surround 100 NUDE Shoots is the desexualization of nudity. If the vision of nudity was a common enough occurrence — free of the taboos, censorship…Read more 25 – by Sam

Hugo by Chris, The Red - Chris The Red - Real Men - Homens da Real

24 – by Chris, The Red

It was a very sunny winter Sunday noon when Chris, The Red and I went to what would become the future estudio NU to shoot for his project Homens da Real (Real Men) and 100 NUDE Shoots. "After watching Hugo's performance in theaters, I invited him to participate in my project. Hugo was photographed amidst debris…Read more 24 – by Chris, The Red

Hugo by Ditto Leite

23 – by Ditto Leite

Ditto Leite has photographed lots of naked people. Lots. Joining his facets of actor, singer, dancer, composer and photographer, he created the Photo-Performance series, which I had discovered and been following since before I started 100 NUDE Shoots. Ditto, in his own words, finds in Photo-Performance a way to attribute visual materiality to his sensible…Read more 23 – by Ditto Leite

Hugo and Leandro by Rafi Sousa for OURO De TOLO FOOL'S GOLD

22 – “FOOL’s GOLD”, by Rafi Sousa, ft. Leandro Soares

Unrestrained greed is corrupting our dream, shattering the globe and unleashing a catastrophe — Gillian Tett in "Fool's Gold"   The world in which we exist today was founded upon violence and the destruction of bodies. To this day, racial, social, ethnical, sexual minorities are the ones who have the least everything and those who die…Read more 22 – “FOOL’s GOLD”, by Rafi Sousa, ft. Leandro Soares

Hugo by Yeu and Dave Russo for Pride 2017 Orgulho LGBT

21 – “Pride”, by photographer Yeu and poet Dave Russo

Without a doubt, the greatest joy I have found in making 100 NUDE Shoots is in the amazing collaborations the project has given me the opportunity to make. It is LGBT Pride month, and no better time to present to you this transamerican collaboration, a nude manifesto and visual poem that is a photo series…Read more 21 – “Pride”, by photographer Yeu and poet Dave Russo

Hugo by João Hannuch Patreon extras part 2

[exclusive] Extras from shoot # 9 of Hugo by João Hannuch

For shoot #9 by João Hannuch, I'd published the b&w shots from the 1st part and the colored from the 2nd. Here are inverted extras from both parts.


Hugo by João Hannuch

9 – by João Hannuch (part 2 of 2)

I was photographed by my friend, actor, director and photographer João Hannuch, in a noir-themed, raw, emotional studio session. He instigated me to let emotions of sadness, anguish, even despair, to flow vividly from within. Posing became performing, in a way I had never experienced before. I decided to publish the shoot in two parts. The first part,…Read more 9 – by João Hannuch (part 2 of 2)

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints Fine Art em Edição Limitada NUDE Photography Prints

NEW: 100 NUDE Photography Prints

From the photoshoots published on 100 NUDE Shoots, I have begun selecting a few of the best photographs to offer as numbered Limited Edition Fine Art Prints that you can now acquire. These are just a few of them, and I'll add others little by little! You can read below to know more about the Prints and why I've decided…Read more NEW: 100 NUDE Photography Prints

Hugo by Janssem Cardoso for "Other Colours"

20 – by Janssem Cardoso for “Other Colours” (part 1 of 2)

Janssem and I had been trying for a few weeks to find a suitable date for us to shoot at Paranapiacaba, a district on the outskirts of the São Paulo metropolitan area where there's a beautiful natural reserve with several waterfalls. But then I got an invitation to participate in a collective performance organized by André Medeiros…Read more 20 – by Janssem Cardoso for “Other Colours” (part 1 of 2)

Making-of Hugo Faz by Cobalto Shoot #8 100 NUDE Shoots

[Exclusive] Making-of shoot #8 by Cobalto

Now that I've finally set up for publishing my content in full, first and foremost, I've started republishing on my blog here the entire history of patron-exclusive posts I had published on Patreon since I started it on 2017, in chronological order, as Contributor exclusive content. Here's the first one with these 6 making-of photos, and you can expect one or two new posts every week from now on until they are all republished here.

Hugo by Isaias Mattos Project Wapo

19 – by Isaias Mattos for “WAPO” (part 1 of 2)

It was in facing the reality of fleeting moments that Isaias Mattos, still a child, began to photograph. In 2007, inspired by the photographs of La Chapelle and Richard Avedon, he assumed his passion as a profession. From this context of visual curiosity he gave birth to the WAPO project, appeasing a latent desire to photograph male bodies. Initially…Read more 19 – by Isaias Mattos for “WAPO” (part 1 of 2)

Hugo by Ale Ruaro

18 – by Ale Ruaro

Portraying the intimacy of a reality not accessible to the usual conviviality, Ale Ruaro transforms human beings into timeless bodies without individuality. He uses photography to convert his personal and everyday experiences into images that bring the unconventional to normality. In a visual catharsis, he seeks a connection between his subjects and the spectator, seeking…Read more 18 – by Ale Ruaro

Hugo by Alberto Prado

16 – by Alberto Prado

Alberto Prado is an experienced photographer who has built himself a solid name in Brazil by doing what he does best: photographing and teaching to photograph the nude… female. His most renowned project, ElaCrua, portrays women in the beautifully raw state they deserve to be seen, in the plain crudeness of their own world, personality and style.…Read more 16 – by Alberto Prado

Nós (Carne) por Chico Castro

12 – by Chico Castro (part 2 of 2: “Flesh”)

When I met Chico Castro, our quick chat to define our photoshoot became a delightful 2-hour long talk. Chico has a great body of work and a personality that makes us want to talk for days. In the end, we resolved our shoot quickly, as he knew exactly what he wanted for our photos: dramatic scenes inspired by…Read more 12 – by Chico Castro (part 2 of 2: “Flesh”)

100 NUS Celebram Phedra by Lenise Pinheiro

17 – by Lenise Pinheiro for “100 NUDES Celebrate Phedra”

The 17th photoshoot of the "100 NUDE Shoots (of Hugo)" Project was chosen to also become part of the 17th edition of the 2016 Satyrianas Festival as a collective performance in homage to Phedra de Cordoba, cuban, transsexual actress, diva of the Roosevelt Square — the main independent theatrical nucleus of São Paulo — who died April 2016.…Read more 17 – by Lenise Pinheiro for “100 NUDES Celebrate Phedra”

Hugo by Frank Dezeuxis

15 – by Ego Sum Frank

With the word, Ego Sum Frank, my friend and artist extraordinaire: I have a special predilection for subverting the everyday codes of bodies in tension and relaxation. I seek to distort in order to dilate the physical presence of the common, ordinary erotic body, creating alternative ways of molding and perceiving that body. To make…Read more 15 – by Ego Sum Frank

Hugo por Ricardo Rico para o The Lonely Project (erections, ereção)

“About erections” (outtakes from shoot #1, reinstated)

It took me months since the launch of the Project to decide to publish this series, the last part of the project's first photoshoot, shot by photographer Ricardo Rico. But if one of the motivators of this project is to show that the human body should not have to stay concealed, and if erections are natural reactions…Read more “About erections” (outtakes from shoot #1, reinstated)