Human-Intelligence Generated Open Metaverse

"We are the Humans of OM and we GM the upcoming symbiosis of human intelligence, urban life and virtual worlds in the culture-driven Open Metaverse. All onboard and headphones on for the trip!!!"

GM is the memetic acronym for Good Morning. OM stands for Open Metaverse, a metaverse which is culture-driven and built upon decentralized rails, created by 6529, largest digital art collector of current times.Memes are apex cultural objects of society. This work was commissioned by Punk6529 for his The Memes collection, and was offered to the public domain under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.See on the collector's website or buy an edition on OpenSea.

Nude Art

I'm collaborating over my lifespan with 100 different artists, developing together for each shoot an unique concept, visual interpretation and storytelling for a nude body — my own — blurring the lines that still distinguish, when a human subject is portrayed, fine art from fashion, erotic, artistic or pornographic, and in this process convey that nudity is absence of meaning and every meaning at once.1 iconic photograph is being minted into the 100 NUDE Shoots (of Hugo) collection on FND from each photoshoot, at a slowing pace, until I'm 100 years old. Each collaboration also either features an established web3 artist or onboards a "new" artist to NFTs, and each NFT also carries in its description a different performative experiment made possible by web3 provenance in which sales, transfers or the lack thereof generates a variety of creative consequences with effects IRL and on-chain.


Inspired by the ambiguity and confusion around NFT licensing; taking the opportunity granted by the release of the "Can't Be Evil" NFT licensing templates based on the Creative Commons; and building on the body of my work, where in an experimental way often involving risk I place myself with open-ended outcomes as an instrument for fostering discussion on relevant societal themes, I created "Commercial Rights to Human" and attached to its metadata the CBE-NECR (Non-Exclusive Commercial Rights) license, meaning the holder of the NFT has full rights to copy, display, distribute, modify, adapt and commercially use this image of my body.The full license terms are available in the Arweave document for CBE-NECR and the NFT is available for auction on Manifold Gallery.My second CryptoPerformance Art piece is a conceptual video in celebration of The Merge, minted as an edition.

Teatro da Pombagira and The Expanded Body

Corporeal silhouettes are created in performative acts where the body becomes a heterotopic space, disruptive and axpansive, evidencing that the body, in contemporary performance art, need not limit itself to being support or object of the artwork, but can be a body-work in art-life.In an increasingly virtual world, the body is more than ever a subject of maximum importance, and must be revisited and reimagined if we are to discuss, from a corporeal standpoint, matters urgent to politics, to ethics, to identity, gender, sexuality and subjectivity.Teatro da Pombagira, now bringing disruptive, norm-challenging performance art into the NFT space, is a trailblazer performance art company founded 2005 by Marcelo Denny ✝︎, Hugo's master, visionary visual artist and celebrated, award-winning art director.See DIGITAL SKIN (below), available on Teatro da Pombagira's website or directly on Manifold Gallery. Also see SOMBRA.

Also see Dyslexia and Brazilla, or Tropical Genocide minted on Casa NUA's account on Foundation.

Queer Portraits

Gender is performance. A decade of registering queer folk and the LGBTQ+ artistic scene in their life-taking quests for overcoming objectification and becoming the subjects of their empowered selves.NFTs and Fine Art Prints available upon inquiry.

Performance Art

Challenging conventional social mores and artistic values of the past, performance art violates borders between disciplines and genders, between private and public, and between everyday life and art. It taps into our most basic shared instincts, our individual fears and self-consciousness, our concerns about life, the future, and the world we live in, forcing a reflection about issues in a way that can be disturbing and uncomfortable, calling attention to the absurdities of real life and the idiosyncrasies of human behavior.In my work I devise personas to immerse myself in themes of identity, body, sexuality, censorship, bio/necropolitics and crypto."Saving Beauty", previewed on this website's cover video, is coming soon to Manifold Gallery on the artist's own smart contract

366 NuDays

On Jan 1st 2020, I challenged myself to make 1 nude self-portrait each day of the year — shot, edited and published daily on social media using only an iPhone and no clothes — as a means of pushing the boundaries of self-expression in quick creativity.Later this year the 366 NuDays will be minted as a diverse NFT photography collection after being re-edited by the artist under the light of the web3 revolution.

WAGMI by Hugo Faz and Luiz Leles


Obscura's The World Today

Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film "2001: A Space Odyssey", whose embrace of art and science-fiction still generates instigating questions about human evolution, was the starting point of inspiration for Hugo Faz's vision of The World Today.If the black monolith once transformed our ancestors, making them intelligent but perhaps also competitive or aggressive, it is invited back after many ages to be a guiding thread for witnessing contemporary society and to help with asking unsettling questions.Does the current complexity of human relations, urban development and dynamics actually make for better living? What does the advent of crypto entail for the average person? Is a society that's become used to isolation and virtuality still capable of empathy? Is there a point to our civilization? What makes the essence of the human experience? In our age, in which post-truth thrives and where “all that is solid melts into air”, Truth becomes a non-fungible token, molded to what the minter wants it to be. Faced with such an 'imbroglio', what is the reigning paradigm?Innocuous or transformative, discreet or disturbing, starring or observing, the black monolith experiences the present and its inhabitants, naming visions, telling truths or making guesses about the world today. What are yours?Visit Hugo Faz's TWT gallery in the Obscura Museum in OM.The entire collection is listed for 0.1 Ξ on OpenSea.


In the performance art live show SOMBRA, inspired by Alberto Manguel's book "The Library at Night", and in this homonymous photographic series, Hugo Faz and Teatro da Pombagira talk about the censorship of thought and of bodies, repression, judgment and biopolitics, bringing to life and shedding light on the artistic and literary works hidden throughout history out of reach on the highest shelves, locked or removed from circulation for their queer, erotic, fanciful or thought-provoking content.View the collection on Foundation