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Below, an explanation about collaborating with my work…

You become a Contributor by pledging a chosen amount each month towards my artistic production — starting with R$50 (around US$ 9). For every shoot, photo series or video I publish, I add extras and offer several other bonuses exclusively for Contributors directly via Whatsapp: making-of coverage, first-hand access to my content, 1-on-1 video chats, discounts for purchasing photography prints, and much more — check out below the benefits I’ve created for you! Also, as soon as you become a supporter, you immediately get access to all my previously published Contributor-exclusive content.

I believe in the patronage model with all my heart, and I’m honored that you would want to support what I do. I will strive to always bring you quality photography and above all much art!  Believe me, I put my skin, heart and soul into making art — and your support will mean the world for the continuation of this work, as I’ve currently no other means of directly financing it.

Contributor Reward Exclusive Content - Hugo Faz by João P. Teles
Where your money goes:

I invest a lot of time, effort and — yes, money into this work. Aside from the rare sale of a limited edition print of my photographs, I have no other means to fund it. Even though I have the privilege of working with amazing artists who collaborate for their own belief in the liberating power of the naked human body, I still have to pay for maintaining my studio, artistic pre-production, production and post-production for every photo or videoshoot, which is costly and time-consuming. On top of that come site hosting, domain maintenance, mobile and photographic equipment, on-set help etc etc… that’s why I couldn’t do it without your continuing support.

To make it short, having a recurrent income allows me to make it all much better. I want to live for the work that I love to do — because it’s the one I chose to. I want to spend my time making nude art — and in the process, to dedicate myself to offer you interesting content and these fun rewards!

Check out the benefits you’ll be entitled to as a supporter for each pledge level :
Level Price  


R$50.00 per Month. See the benefits


R$150.00 per Month. See the benefits


R$300.00 per Month. See the benefits


R$600.00 per Month. See the benefits


R$800.00 per Month. See the benefits


R$1,500.00 per Month. See the benefits


R$4,000.00 per Month. See the benefits
Hugo by Rony Hernandes for project Florescer - Contribution thanks
Thank You!!

If you’re new to my work, you can see the public versions of all my portfolio here, and also follow me on Instagram and Twitter. To read more about why I’m doing this work, please see this link. By the way, I’m also on Vimeo and I have a Fine Art Print gallery, so please check them out — I also have specific Contributor reward benefits for the prints!