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366 NuDays : 366 iPhone Self-Portraits

para Português clique aqui 2019 was a year of re-evaluating myself, my life goals, and dealing with conflicting priorities. Unfortunately, that meant it was not a year of much accomplishment in terms of artistic production. I plan — and hope — on 2020 being very different. And when '19 was coming to a close I…Read more 366 NuDays : 366 iPhone Self-Portraits

Hugo Faz by Sam Devries on Fire Island

Visiting Sam: Fire Island

So, two and a half years after I first met with Sam during his stay in São Paulo for shoot # 25 of 100 NUDE Shoots, it was finally my turn to visit him in New York. I remember very well how that shoot was iconic in that it was the first time I was…Read more Visiting Sam: Fire Island

Hugo by João Hannuch Patreon extras part 2

[exclusive] Extras from shoot # 9 of Hugo by João Hannuch

For shoot #9 by João Hannuch, I'd published the b&w shots from the 1st part and the colored from the 2nd. Here are inverted extras from both parts.


Making-of Hugo Faz by Cobalto Shoot #8 100 NUDE Shoots

[Exclusive] Making-of shoot #8 by Cobalto

Now that I've finally set up hugofaz.art for publishing my content in full, first and foremost, I've started republishing on my blog here the entire history of patron-exclusive posts I had published on Patreon since I started it on 2017, in chronological order, as Contributor exclusive content. Here's the first one with these 6 making-of photos, and you can expect one or two new posts every week from now on until they are all republished here.