Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

From the photoshoots published on 100 NUDE Shoots, I select a few of the best photographs to offer as numbered Limited Edition Fine Art Prints that you can acquire. See the gallery and read below to learn more about them and about how to acquire your favorite photograph. Alternatively, you can purchase them directly online on my DeviantArt gallery*.

* you must use a computer in order to be able to better browse and buy prints on DeviantArt, or go to the bottom of the site and tap “Switch to Desktop Version” in case you are using a mobile device; also, you’ll have to click on one of the photos to turn off the mature content filter by entering your date of birth or by signing in to DeviantArt; finally, photos depicting erections are not allowed on that platform, so contact me directly if you’d like to purchase any of those.

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What are Limited Edition Fine Art Prints?

To be regarded as a work of art in the same way as an original painting or sculpture, a photograph — digital or analogical — must be reproduced according to the highest standards of quality, with the printed material accurately representing the original image and lasting for many decades without deterioration, loss of color or contrast. Even more importantly, the photograph can only be printed a predefined, limited number of times, after which no more copies will ever be reproduced, making each printed copy an exclusive piece. The number of copies in a given limited edition may vary according to various criteria. Usually, the smaller the number of copies, the more expensive each one may be, but that is completely relative to each artist’s choices.

For each photograph from 100 NUDE Shoots that I chose to offer as Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, no matter what size or material chosen for reproduction, only a handful of prints will ever be made, and only with high quality giclée printing process and materials, so that each Print retains its originality and value.

After all, why did you choose to sell your nude photos like this?

I receive a lot of feedback from people saying they’d love to own printed photos from 100 NUDE Shoots. I believe that selling them in limited edition, high quality prints is an awesome way to: 1 – allow admirers, collectors and art buyers to acquire and own high quality physical copies of these photographs, taking my work beyond the online viewing of low resolution images; 2 – attribute real value to my work and the work of the photographers I collaborate with; and 3help fund the continuation of this work, since I invest time, effort and money in this project.

Ok, nice! But how much do they cost?

Considering these three fundamental motivators I mentioned above for this Project, but especially the first and second ones, I found out I wanted to go beyond the usual fine art pricing standards in two fundamental ways: a) by limiting the number of copies of each chosen photograph much below the usual quantity and b) at the same time setting the price of each copy also much lower than usual. This way I can allow you — and not just affluent art collectors — access to owning the best photographs from the 100 shoots in high quality prints knowing each one is going to be a piece exclusively owned by only a few people.

The bottom line: all of the limited editions are of only 5 copies starting around $120 for large sizes, of 18×12″ (unframed). For comparison: it’s fairly commonplace for photographers to sell editions of 30 copies starting from $500 per copy in sizes of 12×8″.

How then do you make them cheaper?

First of all, I don’t pretend to make a fortune, or even my living, out of selling these prints. The proceeds serve for reinvesting in 100 NUDE Shoots. And I can make them cheap due to a simple, smart, but also tough choice: the photographs are printed abroad. The cost of printing these photographs in Brazil is prohibitively high, even higher than the final price I charge for them! By outsourcing the printing abroad I guarantee a very high standard of quality and a much more reasonable price. Of course, there’s an unfortunate trade-off: the prints may take a long time to arrive at your hands after purchase if you live outside the USA. But they say that wait makes satisfaction even greater, right?

Ok, I think I might want one! How does it work?

Just choose your photograph from the above Limited Edition Fine Art Prints gallery — or any other photo from the project, keep reading below to know more about it — and message me informing its number. I’ll give you the size and material options and the respective prices. Upon request, I can issue a PayPal invoice and payment request. Once payment is received I’ll order the print and send you the tracking code once it’s shipped. If you’re in Brazil, I can send you a receipt upon direct bank deposit instead of PayPal. If you’re in São Paulo, I can also have the Print shipped to my address, after which I’ll hand-sign it and deliver it to you in person.

Alternatively, you can order online directly from DeviantArt using PayPal or a credit card. The photographs there are the same ones from the above gallery, except for those including stronger sexual imagery or erections, which are not allowed on the platform. Choose a photograph then follow the steps:

  1. Choose between “Art Print” or “Canvas”, framed or unframed, and the print size.
  2. You’ll be invited to create an account on DeviantArt (just like with any other e-commerce site), choose shipping and payment options and confirm your purchase.
  3. You’ll get an email confirmation once your payment is processed and all you have to do now is go on with your life while my seven forest elves make your print and bring it singing naked to your door.
DeviantArt Screenshot Limited Edition Fine Art Prints Fine Art em Edição Limitada

This is my gallery on the DeviantArt website. Note that you must browse the site’s desktop version in order to see the option to purchase the Prints.

P.S.: Each Print takes only a few days to produce, but it may take from one week to more than a month to ship and deliver, depending on your delivery location and your chosen delivery option. I recommend choosing FedEx delivery if you want to be able to track your shipment; tracking may not be available for other options. Customs charges may also apply in your country if you live outside the USA.

Wait, did you say something about “Art Print or Canvas”?

Art Prints are giclée-printed on Premium Fine Art Paper. This means museum-grade, long-lasting printing quality. They deliver vivid color reproduction and exceptional detail on high-quality matte heavyweight cotton paper. If you order directly with me I have them printed on Hahnemuhle cotton paper with a 1.5″ bright white border, rolled in a tube, ready for you to hang or to be framed. On DeviantArt, they can be delivered rolled or already framed if you prefer (there are several framing options; note that shipping costs might go up for framed items).

Canvas prints are the classic way to display fine art. The photos are printed on archival-quality textured canvas with a protective finish to prevent fading. They can be delivered rolled, with extra canvas on the edges to allow for your own framing choice; or, via DeviantArt, there’s an option to have them delivered stretched and gallery-wrapped over a 1.75″ thick wooden frame, ready for immediate hanging; or framed in a floating wooden box frame.

If these Prints are works of art, how do you ensure their authenticity?

I make sure the limited edition photographs from the Project are not publicly available in high-resolution. Thus, they cannot be printed in good quality elsewhere. Anyway, to ensure the authenticity of each work, when you acquire your Print I can personally produce, number and manually sign a special seal of authenticity and mail it to you separately upon request in case you’re not in São Paulo for me to hand-sign them. You can stick the seal to the back of your print/frame or just keep it safely stored.

That’s great then! But what if I want a photo from 100 NUDE Shoots that’s NOT available on your Limited Edition series?

I try to select for my Limited Edition Fine Art Prints photographs of various styles, but always ones that I know will look really great when printed. But as long as it is mine or the respective photographer has given me rights to do so, I can sell you a fine art print of any other photograph publicly available on the project’s portfolio, although without a limit to how many copies of those photos may be sold. Still, it can be a great option for you to get a high quality print of that one photo you love the most. So, if you want a photograph that’s not on the above gallery, just contact me and I’ll give you print options and prices for it too.

I’ll give it a thought, then! But if I can’t buy one right now, is there any other way I can contribute to the Project?

Of course! I appreciate so much every single referral or every share of my photoshoots on your social media! And even if you don’t acquire a print, you can also join the 100 NUDE Shoots family and contribute to my work with a small monthly pledge and get rewarded with exclusive content. Click here to learn more about it.

Choose a photograph for yourself or as an amazing present to a loved one. Let’s live from Art, watch and breathe Art!