10 – by Rodrigo Ladeira for the Chicos project

‘Chicos’ (www.chicos.cc) is a public art, gay and independent project/publication that aims to achieve such plurality through records by documenting in paper or screen those experiences that wrap the construction of sexuality and identity for the gay youth, not just exposing those experiences but also the narrow connection with our bodies in a society with such strong sexist archetypes and prejudice. It is a perspective within the life of each gay character. Named after the Spanish term and also after so many unknown ‘Franciscos’ in the world, the project is made of interviews + experimentations which are related to the personal and collective experience of what we truly are in a daily basis, of our bodies, our discoveries and opinions.

On the day Rodrigo Ladeira took these photos, our story became an open book, and it’s all there: http://www.chicos.cc/los-chicos/hugo-e-rodolfo/. And this and other fundamental narratives to open-up new paths and closed minds have grown beyond the website and virtual medias to become a beautiful book full of beautiful people.

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“The couple invited us to photograph in October 2015. I went to their home in São Paulo for lunch and had a good surprise. They have several different jobs, and in addition both love to cook and presented me with a great meal and some good wine. The conversation was calm, they told stories of how they met and how they managed their relationship. We discussed monogamy and polygamy, we talked about possible combinations for Italian food and about the boys at the gym. One of the best stories they told, was when Hugo decided to sunbathe without swimming trunks. He was going to star in a theater play where he would be naked throughout the show, so he did not want to sport tan lines. He went to the balcony and sat quietly letting the sunlight burn their skin. It turns out that the neighboring office building is all mirrored, and he didn’t notice he was being watched from the windows. During our shoot at the balcony, at lunchtime, his naked body was again cause for much excitement coming from the café just below.” — Rodrigo Ladeira

[Photos removed]

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