11 – by Leo Lima

Leo Lima messaged me on a dating app that I was using precisely with the goal of promoting my project and discovering collaboration opportunities. He just said: can I photograph you? I checked out some of his work on Instagram (@leodiasdelima) and I enjoyed how his photographs looked raw and gentle at the same time. So I said yes and invited him to shoot at home. Leo showed up very shy, very young, somewhat out of his place. He came up with a few references and I tried to suggest poses based on them. We didn’t talk much. The resulting images have grown on me since I’ve received them. They give me the feeling I would expect from them after doing our session: discomfort.

Nudity, to me, is a way of revealing the intimacy of somebody’s universe. Each person brings a new universe, new colors, new scenery. And every time I photograph different people with different bodies and attitudes, I realize how beauty is plural and singular at the same time. — Leo Lima