15 – by Ego Sum Frank

With the word, Ego Sum Frank, my friend and artist extraordinaire:

I have a special predilection for subverting the everyday codes of bodies in tension and relaxation. I seek to distort in order to dilate the physical presence of the common, ordinary erotic body, creating alternative ways of molding and perceiving that body. To make it extraordinary, thus broadening our view of the nude and its aesthetic states.[…]

[…] With Hugo, I opted for the twisting of the body and also for the hypertension of light in loco, since I did not want to use any color-editing or post-production artifices. Everything you see was a result of what we did there, on time. Hugo with his generous and willing body, and I with my camera and ceaseless ideas.[…]

[…] Let there come 100 nude shoots, let there be hundreds. It was a pleasure to participate as a bacchante of this celebration. Beyond the nude but mostly to lay bare the free human spirit. — Ego Sum Frank

“Among all forms of human expression, aesthetics is the one that, more than any other, is responsible for our happiness”

— Domenico de Masi, “The Creative Idleness”

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