16 – by Alberto Prado

Alberto Prado is an experienced photographer who has built himself a solid name in Brazil by doing what he does best: photographing and teaching to photograph the nude… female. His most renowned project, ElaCrua, portrays women in the beautifully raw state they deserve to be seen, in the plain crudeness of their own world, personality and style.

Together with his partner Neto Macedo, Alberto Prado ministers around Brazil the Ela.Nu workshop, where they go over their entire creative process and help the attendees find their own style and voice in photography.

I approached Alberto with a challenge: I was going to be his first male nude model. He gladly took it, and we set it up for a few weeks later.

We were hosted by my dear friend Evandro in his studio at Roosevelt Square in São Paulo center. Their cozy and artful loft presented many opportunities for interaction with objects and the environment itself. The light from the cloudy afternoon shone straight on the large windows. We made the most of our time there, shooting and casually chatting about whatever came to mind, all the while broadcasting the making-of on Periscope.

What are your impressions on the shoot? I’d love to read your comments.