18 – by Ale Ruaro

Portraying the intimacy of a reality not accessible to the usual conviviality, Ale Ruaro transforms human beings into timeless bodies without individuality. He uses photography to convert his personal and everyday experiences into images that bring the unconventional to normality. In a visual catharsis, he seeks a connection between his subjects and the spectator, seeking to denudate prejudices by exposing differences.

We met after midnight and talked for about one hour in the car while driving around the city. Whenever we found a promising spot, we stopped the car, got out and quickly went for a thrilling shooting sprint. The feeling of risk, of public exposure, was exhilarating.

“The photographic language generally instigates our gaze to perceive the figuration, the represented. But what does a body represent or present? Body-matter that concretizes an existence, that shelters what can not be said, that sustains what can not be seen: the body-support of another. Thus, the artist focuses his lenses on what is beyond.

Since 2011 there have been more than a hundred bodies laid bare. The complicity between the artist and the photographed person takes place in the simplicity of the act: an un-common moment turned image, where Didi-Huberman’s phrase gets its sense: ‘there, the vision is torn between seeing and looking; there, the image is torn between representing and presenting’. A small rip of the gaze built upon more than twenty years of photographic activity between the limit of documenting and the building of a fiction.”

— Silvana Boone, PhD, Visual Arts

Ale Ruaro (1976) has been a photographer since 1996. From 2004 he has been awarded prizes, invitations and honorable mentions in national and international events, with presence in Argentina, Uruguay, United States, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Cape Verde. In the last five years he has participated in collective and individual exhibitions in Brazil, Colombia and Czech Republic. He has produced and published six books with several print runs. I was excited to become one of his Naked Friends.

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