2 – by Vitor Barão for Projeto AMOR(A)

The second time I posed for a nude photoshoot was also one of the most erotic photo sessions I had made until the day I launched the Project. I had seen the photographs of a couple of friends taken by Vitor Barão for his recently started Projeto AMOR(A) and I was literally in love.

AMOR(A) is a photographic project based on the observation of the nuances and latencies of couples’ intimacy. The photographs are taken in their intimate ambience in a process of mutual discovery between photographer and the photographed, between showing and seeing. The images are then revealed on paper with an ink solution based on blackberry (amora) juice, thus composing ephemeral images obtained from the oxidation of the fruit’s reddish pigments.

I made contact with Vitor and we set up a date for shooting at our home. It was the first time me and my then husband, Rodolfo Brunhari, would pose together for a shoot. As you can see for yourselves, the artist’s sensibility for capturing intimacy is breathtaking.

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