2020 – 366 NuDays

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2019 was a year of re-evaluating myself, my life goals, and dealing with conflicting priorities. Unfortunately, that meant it was not a year of much accomplishment in terms of artistic production. I plan — and hope — on 2020 being very different. And when ’19 was coming to a close I had the idea of a project that would help me stimulate some fast-paced creativity and thus aid in avoiding me falling into long creation black-outs : I would take and post one self-portrait each day for the entire year of 2020, taken and edited exclusively on the iPhone. Thus, 366 NuDays, or 366 iPhone Self-Portraits, was conceived. The new year arrived and I started on schedule:

01/Jan/2020. “Wherever you thread, thread with <3”, a message for the new year.

I am posting each of the #366iPhoneSelfPortraits every day on Instagram stories and also on Twitter, most of the times in a censored version due to the social media’s repressive guidelines towards nudity. And I made this cute little calendar (below) that I’m updating every couple of weeks with thumbnails of the #366NuDays. The full-size, uncensored portraits are being daily sent via Whatsapp to my Contributors. Your contribution is a means of helping finance my artistic work so I can keep improving. If you want to receive my daily self-portraits too, as well as get access to exclusive content from all of my projects (such as 100 NUDE Shoots), you can contribute to the making of my work via this page.

366NuDays Hugo Faz Jan Calendar
January is complete!
366NuDays Hugo Faz Feb Calendar
… work in progress …