23 – by Ditto Leite

Ditto Leite has photographed lots of naked people. Lots. Joining his facets of actor, singer, dancer, composer and photographer, he created the Photo-Performance series, which I had discovered and been following since before I started 100 NUDE Shoots.

Ditto, in his own words, finds in Photo-Performance a way to attribute visual materiality to his sensible abilities derived from these other artistic practices, having nudity as his ballast and his trail, extracting poetry from the bodies, guided by freedom.

Hugo by Ditto Leite Hugo by Ditto Leite Hugo by Ditto Leite

When Ditto came from Rio to São Paulo, the moment coincided with the beginning of my renovation of an old apartment where studio NU will soon be operational. We made our Photo-Performance there, in the midst of water puddles, broken, cloudy windows and…

Hugo by Ditto Leite Hugo by Ditto Leite Hugo by Ditto Leite Hugo by Ditto Leite

books. Piles of old books that had been left behind by the former owner.

Hugo by Ditto Leite Hugo by Ditto Leite Hugo by Ditto Leite Hugo by Ditto Leite Hugo by Ditto Leite Hugo by Ditto Leite Hugo by Ditto Leite

Douglas A.S.M. lived alone in this small studio on the 12th floor of the Las Vegas Building. He was a lawyer. Aged, he lived on alimony obtained in the courts from his son. At the end of his life, he had no more means to pay his bills. When he left this troubled world for a better one, he vacated his former living space and ended, unknowingly, giving me the opportunity to acquire and re-signify it. Studio NU was thus brought to life: a place for unrestrained artistic creation.

Hugo by Ditto Leite Hugo by Ditto Leite

Doing photoshoots in that space before and during the construction of the studio, and inviting other artists to do so as well, was for me a way of recording this process of transformation, protecting it from oblivion, to which we’re all destined sooner or later. The Photo-Performance shoot with Ditto Leite was where I most explored these elements in transition: the body is seen in parts, or reflected, or through its surroundings. It occupies the scenario in unusual ways. And as a performer I could experiment with the energy of the old, the decadent, only to then be able to breathe in what was yet to come…

Hugo by Ditto Leite Hugo by Ditto Leite Hugo by Ditto Leite

Ditto and I would love to know what were your impressions of our photoshoot. Please tell us by leaving a message here!

Hugo by Ditto Leite

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Hugo by Ditto Leite Contributor exclusives

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