Hugo Faz Nude Videos

I kicked-off in 2020 a project that was a long time brewing: blog-style authorial videos. The idea of the Hugo Faz Nude Videos series is that each new video feeds on the repercussions of the previous ones and thus the evolution of the concept, aesthetics and the dialogic and performative content of the videos happens “live” as the videos take over the world. So the first video was 100% a draft, or improvisation.

I’ll be constantly harvesting comments and impressions from you and my viewers on every social media, because that’s what I’ll be feeding on to keep producing them. And I kindly ask you to show, recommend or share the videos to whomever or wherever you think there might be interest. Thank you!

This page will be regularly updated as new videos are released.

You can also watch the videos on the platform of your choice using the following links: Vimeo (uncensored, subtitled, also streaming on this page), YouTube (uncensored, subtitled) or IGTV (censored, no subtitles).