13 - Hugo by João P. Teles

13 – by João P. Teles

I was going to visit my brother in Brasilia (Brazil's capital) and decided to reach out to a couple of local photographers whose work I admired. João P. Teles and I had been following each other's work for a few months and we were glad to finally be able to collaborate. We both desired for…Read more 13 – by João P. Teles

12 - Hugo, Rod, Rony and Andre by Chico Castro

12 – by Chico Castro (part 1 of 2: “Us”)

When I met Chico Castro, our quick chat to define our photoshoot became a delightful 2-hour long talk. Chico has a great body of work and a personality that makes us want to talk for days. In the end, we resolved our shoot quickly, as he knew exactly what he wanted for our photos: dramatic scenes inspired by…Read more 12 – by Chico Castro (part 1 of 2: “Us”)

Hugo and Rodolfo by Gustavo Lopes

4 – by Gustavo Lopes

Photoshoot #4 was photographed by a friend of me and Rods, the photographer Gustavo Lopes. You'll notice that this is one of the few shoots where we are not fully nude on most photos. This was not due to a prudish decision, but rather because Gustavo wanted to change from the nude wave thing, that he deemed…Read more 4 – by Gustavo Lopes