Hugo Faz by Sam Devries on Fire Island

Visiting Sam Devries: Fire Island

So, two and a half years after I first met with Sam Devries during his stay in São Paulo for shoot # 25 of 100 NUDE Shoots, it was finally my turn to visit him in New York. I remember very well how that shoot was iconic in that it was the first time I…Read more Visiting Sam Devries: Fire Island

Hugo by André Medeiros Martins Featured Photo

28 – by André Medeiros Martins

André Medeiros Martins is an actor and performer. He is, in his own words, a self-fictionist. He does not consider himself a photographer. I had already offered myself and been invited to participate in some of his projects when, close to launching his website — which compiles in a virtual apartment his portfolio of more than…Read more 28 – by André Medeiros Martins

Hugo by Sam Devries - Featured Photo

25 – by Sam Devries

I'm excited to complete the first quarter of the project, with shoot # 25 by the male form photographer Sam Devries from NYC. One of the recurrent subjects (among many others) that surround 100 NUDE Shoots is the desexualization of nudity. If the vision of nudity was a common enough occurrence — free of the…Read more 25 – by Sam Devries

Hugo by Frank Dezeuxis

15 – by Ego Sum Frank

With the word, Ego Sum Frank, my friend and artist extraordinaire: I have a special predilection for subverting the everyday codes of bodies in tension and relaxation. I seek to distort in order to dilate the physical presence of the common, ordinary erotic body, creating alternative ways of molding and perceiving that body. To make…Read more 15 – by Ego Sum Frank

Hugo por Ricardo Rico para o The Lonely Project (erections, ereção)

“About erections” (outtakes from shoot #1, reinstated)

It took me months since the launch of the Project to decide to publish this series, the last part of the project's first photoshoot, shot by photographer Ricardo Rico. But if one of the motivators of this project is to show that the human body should not have to stay concealed, and if erections are natural reactions…Read more “About erections” (outtakes from shoot #1, reinstated)