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NEW: 100 NUDE Photography Prints

From the photoshoots published on 100 NUDE Shoots, I have begun selecting a few of the best photographs to offer as numbered Limited Edition Fine Art Prints that you can now acquire. These are just a few of them, and I'll add others little by little! You can read below to know more about the Prints and why I've decided…Read more NEW: 100 NUDE Photography Prints

Hugo by Ale Ruaro

18 – by Ale Ruaro

Portraying the intimacy of a reality not accessible to the usual conviviality, Ale Ruaro transforms human beings into timeless bodies without individuality. He uses photography to convert his personal and everyday experiences into images that bring the unconventional to normality. In a visual catharsis, he seeks a connection between his subjects and the spectator, seeking…Read more 18 – by Ale Ruaro

Hugo by Alberto Prado

16 – by Alberto Prado

Alberto Prado is an experienced photographer who has built himself a solid name in Brazil by doing what he does best: photographing and teaching to photograph the nude… female. His most renowned project, ElaCrua, portrays women in the beautifully raw state they deserve to be seen, in the plain crudeness of their own world, personality and style.…Read more 16 – by Alberto Prado

13 - Hugo by João P. Teles

13 – by João P. Teles

I was going to visit my brother in Brasilia (Brazil's capital) and decided to reach out to a couple of local photographers whose work I admired. João P. Teles and I had been following each other's work for a few months and we were glad to finally be able to collaborate. We both desired for…Read more 13 – by João P. Teles