Hugo by Sam Devries - Featured Photo

25 – by Sam

I'm excited to complete the first quarter of the project, with shoot # 25 by the male form photographer Sam from NYC. One of the recurrent subjects (among many others) that surround 100 NUDE Shoots is the desexualization of nudity. If the vision of nudity was a common enough occurrence — free of the taboos, censorship…Read more 25 – by Sam

Hugo by Chris, The Red - Chris The Red - Real Men - Homens da Real

24 – by Chris, The Red

It was a very sunny winter Sunday noon when Chris, The Red and I went to what would become the future estudio NU to shoot for his project Homens da Real (Real Men) and 100 NUDE Shoots. "After watching Hugo's performance in theaters, I invited him to participate in my project. Hugo was photographed amidst debris…Read more 24 – by Chris, The Red

Hugo by Ditto Leite

23 – by Ditto Leite

Ditto Leite has photographed lots of naked people. Lots. Joining his facets of actor, singer, dancer, composer and photographer, he created the Photo-Performance series, which I had discovered and been following since before I started 100 NUDE Shoots. Ditto, in his own words, finds in Photo-Performance a way to attribute visual materiality to his sensible…Read more 23 – by Ditto Leite

Hugo and Leandro by Rafi Sousa for OURO De TOLO FOOL'S GOLD

22 – “FOOL’s GOLD”, by Rafi Sousa, ft. Leandro Soares

Unrestrained greed is corrupting our dream, shattering the globe and unleashing a catastrophe — Gillian Tett in "Fool's Gold"   The world in which we exist today was founded upon violence and the destruction of bodies. To this day, racial, social, ethnical, sexual minorities are the ones who have the least everything and those who die…Read more 22 – “FOOL’s GOLD”, by Rafi Sousa, ft. Leandro Soares

Hugo by Yeu and Dave Russo for Pride 2017 Orgulho LGBT

21 – “Pride”, by photographer Yeu and poet Dave Russo

Without a doubt, the greatest joy I have found in making 100 NUDE Shoots is in the amazing collaborations the project has given me the opportunity to make. It is LGBT Pride month, and no better time to present to you this transamerican collaboration, a nude manifesto and visual poem that is a photo series…Read more 21 – “Pride”, by photographer Yeu and poet Dave Russo

Hugo by Janssem Cardoso for "Other Colours"

20 – by Janssem Cardoso for “Other Colours” (part 1 of 2)

Janssem and I had been trying for a few weeks to find a suitable date for us to shoot at Paranapiacaba, a district on the outskirts of the São Paulo metropolitan area where there's a beautiful natural reserve with several waterfalls. But then I got an invitation to participate in a collective performance organized by André Medeiros…Read more 20 – by Janssem Cardoso for “Other Colours” (part 1 of 2)

Hugo by Isaias Mattos Project Wapo

19 – by Isaias Mattos for “WAPO” (part 1 of 2)

It was in facing the reality of fleeting moments that Isaias Mattos, still a child, began to photograph. In 2007, inspired by the photographs of La Chapelle and Richard Avedon, he assumed his passion as a profession. From this context of visual curiosity he gave birth to the WAPO project, appeasing a latent desire to photograph male bodies. Initially…Read more 19 – by Isaias Mattos for “WAPO” (part 1 of 2)