100 NUS Celebram Phedra by Lenise Pinheiro

17 – by Lenise Pinheiro for “100 NUDES Celebrate Phedra”

The 17th photoshoot of the "100 NUDE Shoots (of Hugo)" Project was chosen to also become part of the 17th edition of the 2016 Satyrianas Festival as a collective performance in homage to Phedra de Cordoba, cuban, transsexual actress, diva of the Roosevelt Square — the main independent theatrical nucleus of São Paulo — who died April 2016.…Read more 17 – by Lenise Pinheiro for “100 NUDES Celebrate Phedra”

Hugo by Frank Dezeuxis

15 – by Frank Dezeuxis

With the word, Frank Dezeuxis, my friend and artist extraordinaire: I have a special predilection for subverting the everyday codes of bodies in tension and relaxation. I seek to distort in order to dilate the physical presence of the common, ordinary erotic body, creating alternative ways of molding and perceiving that body. To make it…Read more 15 – by Frank Dezeuxis

Hugo por Ricardo Rico para o The Lonely Project (erections, ereção)

“About erections” (outtakes from shoot #1, reinstated)

It took me months since the launch of the Project to decide to publish this series, the last part of the project's first photoshoot, shot by photographer Ricardo Rico. But if one of the motivators of this project is to show that the human body should not have to stay concealed, and if erections are natural reactions…Read more “About erections” (outtakes from shoot #1, reinstated)

Hugo by Hélio Beltrânio and Lucas Corazza | Hélio Beltrânio e Lucas Corazza

14 – by Hélio Beltrânio and Lucas Corazza

"It's been 0 days without sugar…" (about my photoshoot idea for Hélio Beltrânio and Lucas Corazza) I have had a very complicated relationship with sugar for years. The last few months, however, have been particularly difficult. Only those closer to me know it, but the fact is I have become truly addicted, complete with many of…Read more 14 – by Hélio Beltrânio and Lucas Corazza

13 - Hugo by João P. Teles

13 – by João P. Teles

I was going to visit my brother in Brasilia (Brazil's capital) and decided to reach out to a couple of local photographers whose work I admired. João P. Teles and I had been following each other's work for a few months and we were glad to finally be able to collaborate. We both desired for…Read more 13 – by João P. Teles

12 - Hugo, Rod, Rony and Andre by Chico Castro

12 – by Chico Castro (part 1 of 2: “Us”)

When I met Chico Castro, our quick chat to define our photoshoot became a delightful 2-hour long talk. Chico has a great body of work and a personality that makes us want to talk for days. In the end, we resolved our shoot quickly, as he knew exactly what he wanted for our photos: dramatic scenes inspired by…Read more 12 – by Chico Castro (part 1 of 2: “Us”)

Hugo by Leo Lima - 11

11 – by Leo Lima

Leo Lima messaged me on a dating app that I was using precisely with the goal of promoting my project and discovering collaboration opportunities. He just said: can I photograph you? I checked out some of his work on Instagram (@leodiasdelima) and I enjoyed how his photographs looked raw and gentle at the same time.…Read more 11 – by Leo Lima

Hugo and Rodolfo by Rodrigo Ladeira for the Chicos project

10 – by Rodrigo Ladeira for the Chicos project

'Chicos' (www.chicos.cc) is a public art, gay and independent project/publication that aims to achieve such plurality through records by documenting in paper or screen those experiences that wrap the construction of sexuality and identity for the gay youth, not just exposing those experiences but also the narrow connection with our bodies in a society with…Read more 10 – by Rodrigo Ladeira for the Chicos project

Hugo by João Hannuch

9 – by João Hannuch (part 1 of 2)

I was photographed by my friend, actor, director and photographer João Hannuch, in a noir-themed, raw, emotional studio session. He instigated me to let emotions of sadness, anguish, even despair, to flow vividly from within. Posing became performing, in a way I had never experienced before. I decided to publish this shoot in two parts. The first part…Read more 9 – by João Hannuch (part 1 of 2)

Hugo and Rods by Cobalto

8 – by Cobalto (part 1 of 2)

Cobalto is the nickname of an Italian photographer who prefers to keep work and leisure in separate identities. Rods and I had a quiet afternoon photo session with him in a nicely furnished Airbnb apartment he rented for his stay in São Paulo, where he shot several models each day. We ended up with a large amount of…Read more 8 – by Cobalto (part 1 of 2)

Hugo and Rods by Lucas Ferrier

7 – by Lucas Ferrier

Lucas Ferrier is a great fashion photographer from NYC who invited me and Rods for shooting during his holidays in Brazil. We were apprehensive, not knowing him personally beforehand. But he was extremely kind and made us feel very comfortable during the entire shoot. We were dazzled by the resulting images. "I like shining a different light on my…Read more 7 – by Lucas Ferrier

Hugo by Andre Stefano for Philosophy in the Boudoir | A Filosofia na Alcova

5 – by Andre Stefano for the movie “Philosophy in the Boudoir”

I was photographed in the set of "Philosophy in the Boudoir" by Andre Stefano, a well-known photographer in the performing arts scene in São Paulo. The feature film is coming to the movie theaters by the end of 2017. I was cast as the "Slave", reprising my role, with adaptations, from the theater play by the same name from…Read more 5 – by Andre Stefano for the movie “Philosophy in the Boudoir”

Hugo and Rodolfo by Gustavo Lopes

4 – by Gustavo Lopes

Photoshoot #4 was photographed by a friend of me and Rods, the photographer Gustavo Lopes. You'll notice that this is one of the few shoots where we are not fully nude on most photos. This was not due to a prudish decision, but rather because Gustavo wanted to change from the nude wave thing, that he deemed…Read more 4 – by Gustavo Lopes

Hugo e Rodolfo by Fabio da Motta for #daMottaFaceless

3 – by Fabio da Motta for “daMottaFaceless”

This is a photoshoot of Hugo with Rodolfo by Fabio da Motta, creator of the "daMottaFaceless" project and the third of 100 collaborating photographers of the "100 NUDE Shoots (of Hugo)" project.

Hugo e Rodolfo por Vitor Barão para o Projeto AMOR(A)

2 – by Vitor Barão for Projeto AMOR(A)

The second time I posed for a nude photoshoot was also one of the most erotic photo sessions I had made until the day I launched the Project. I had seen the photographs of a couple of friends taken by Vitor Barão for his recently started Projeto AMOR(A) and I was literally in love. AMOR(A)…Read more 2 – by Vitor Barão for Projeto AMOR(A)

Hugo by Ricardo Rico for The Lonely Project Limited Edition Fine Art Prints Fine Art NUDE Photography Prints

1 – by Ricardo Rico for The Lonely Project

The Lonely Project, by photographer Ricardo Rico, was my first experience modeling for a professional photographer. I had never been in a professional photoshoot before — clothed or naked. Since that day, I've never really been able to feel comfortable when shooting clothed. "'The Lonely Project' intends to show male beauty in an intimate way. With a natural but…Read more 1 – by Ricardo Rico for The Lonely Project