Hugo Faz Videos Nu

Hugo Faz Nude Videos – 001

I'm kicking-off in 2020 a project that was a long time brewing: my blog-style authorial video production. The idea of the Hugo Faz Nude Videos series is that each new video will feed on the repercussions of the previous ones and thus the evolution of the concept, aesthetics and the dialogic and performative content of…Read more Hugo Faz Nude Videos – 001

Hugo by Ditto Leite

23 – by Ditto Leite

Ditto Leite has photographed lots of naked people. Lots. Joining his facets of actor, singer, dancer, composer and photographer, he created the Photo-Performance series, which I had discovered and been following since before I started 100 NUDE Shoots. Ditto, in his own words, finds in Photo-Performance a way to attribute visual materiality to his sensible…Read more 23 – by Ditto Leite

Hugo and Leandro by Rafi Sousa for OURO De TOLO FOOL'S GOLD

22 – “FOOL’s GOLD”, by Rafi Sousa, ft. Leandro Soares

Unrestrained greed is corrupting our dream, shattering the globe and unleashing a catastrophe — Gillian Tett in "Fool's Gold"   The world in which we exist today was founded upon violence and the destruction of bodies. To this day, racial, social, ethnical, sexual minorities are the ones who have the least everything and those who die…Read more 22 – “FOOL’s GOLD”, by Rafi Sousa, ft. Leandro Soares

100 NUS Celebram Phedra by Lenise Pinheiro

17 – by Lenise Pinheiro for “100 NUDES Celebrate Phedra”

The 17th photoshoot of the "100 NUDE Shoots (of Hugo)" Project was chosen to also become part of the 17th edition of the 2016 Satyrianas Festival as a collective performance in homage to Phedra de Cordoba, cuban, transsexual actress, diva of the Roosevelt Square — the main independent theatrical nucleus of São Paulo — who died April 2016.…Read more 17 – by Lenise Pinheiro for “100 NUDES Celebrate Phedra”