Julio Leão

Julio LeãoJulio Leão is a photographer and actor.


Facebook: /julioleaofotografia

Instagram: @julioleaofotografia

Site: julioleaofotografia.com

Julio Leão was one of the photographers who shot with Hugo at estúdio NU during its renovation. The photoshoot was meant to be a part of his authorial series called “Seasoning the Flesh“. You can see the complete shoot # 32 of 100 NUDE Shoots here.

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Alejandro Zenha

Alejandro ZenhaAlejandro Zenha is architect, photographer and visual artist.

“Alejandro Zenha is one of those photographers who emerged from the visual arts and, behind the lens of an objective, discovered his true artistic vein and, through them, reveals between lights and flashes his aesthetic poetic vision for the world[…] Through his lenses, he sculpts the portrayed subjects as if they were drawn from an art school of models on display. He turns skin into a universe to be explored, from nudity to insinuation, from insinuation the observer’s desire for the discovery! […]” — Jeocaz Lee-Meddi, writer

Instagram: @alejandrozenha

Site: www.alejandrozenha.com.br

Alejandro Zenha photographed Hugo at estúdio NU in its final renovation stage, before inauguration, and made for the shoot a collage with street photographs he made of São Paulo. The resulting series of images he called “The Inhabitant“. You can see the complete shoot # 30 of 100 NUDE Shoots here.

— please also get to know the work of the other collaborating artists of 100 NUDE Shoots.

Yogue Alencar

Yogue AlencarYogue Alencar is a 34-year-old photographer from Brasília with almost a decade of experience making female nude photography. Mostly known for his erotic photography portfolio on Suicide Girls and his authorial series called “Maison des Anges”, Yogue Alencar is a controversial “love or hate” social network celebrity: daily receiving and reposting tens of female and male nudes from his followers; very vocally expressing his opinions — as much about photography as about societal and personal morals; and being subject and target of as much praise as controversy, ranging from die-hard fan testimonials and multitudes of wanna-be models to serious allegations of harassment from ex-girlfriends.

Instagram: instagram.com/yoguealencar/

Tumblr: maisondesanges.tumblr.com

Facebook: facebook.com/YogueAlencar/

Patreon: patreon.com/maisondesanges

I had reached out to my friend Yogue proposing that he would photograph me just as he would a Suicide Girl or a Maison des Anges model — to live this experience of performing as a sensual female model. But when we finally got together for the shoot, he countered my offer with something completely different, and much more interesting: he wanted to kickstart a series about BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). You can see the complete shoot # 29 of 100 NUDE Shoots here.

— please also get to know the work of the other collaborating artists of 100 NUDE Shoots.

André Medeiros Martins

André Medeiros MartinsAndré Medeiros Martins is an actor and performer. He is, in his own words, a self-fictionist. He does not consider himself a photographer. Throughout the past 12 years, he has produced visual and performance art about nudity, sexuality and pornography in hundreds of collaborations.

With his family — father, mother, sisters, nephews, boyfriends, husband, dog and portrayed models and performers — André turned his São Paulo suburban apartment into a virtual home housing this immense artistic portfolio.

Site: andremedeirosmartins.com

Tumblr: andreflexoes.tumblr.com

Instagram: instagram.com/andremmo

André Medeiros Martins photographed Hugo in an octuple session, where he was photographed in a single day in 8 different concepts/ideas/formats corresponding to each of the main phases of André’s past decade of artistic production. You can see the complete shoot # 28 of 100 NUDE Shoots here.

please also get to know the work of the other collaborating artists of 100 NUDE Shoots.

Rony Hernandes

Rony Hernandes JuniorRony Hernandes is a young, 20-year-old artist with the sensibility of an ancient soul. Photography became a vehicle in his quest to express feelings in visual stories, either in self-portraits or by telling the lives of others in pictures. Thus he created Project “Florescer” (“Blossoming”), where he unveils personal stories of the models’ and performers’ blossoming, which can also be read as discovery, growth, self-knowledge… His photographs always explore the corporal expression of melancholy, vulnerability or tenderness, allowing for multiple interpretations.


Project Florescer


Rony Hernandes photographed Hugo for 100 NUDE Shoots and for his Project Florescer on the roof of a building in São Paulo at sunrise, which represented so many blossoming for both of them. You can see the complete shoot # 27 of 100 NUDE Shoots here.

Rony also participated as performer and model on shoot # 12 of 100 NUDE Shoots by Chico Castro.

please also get to know the work of the other collaborating artists of 100 NUDE Shoots.

Felipe Serrano

Felipe SerranoFelipe Serrano is a photographer and filmmaker based in São Paulo, creator of the photographic project Nu Vidro (“Nude’in the Glass”, in an approximate attempt of translation from Portuguese).

facebook: FelipeSerrano

instagram: @hamserrano

Nu Vidro on tumblr (uncensored): nuvidro.tumblr.com

Nu Vidro on instagram: @nuvidro

Felipe Serrano photographed Hugo at estudio NU in a collaboration between Nu Vidro and 100 NUDE Shoots. You can see photoshoot # 26 of 100 NUDE Shoots here.

please also get to know the work of the other collaborating artists of 100 NUDE Shoots.

Chris, The Red

Chris, The Red

Chris, The Red is a graphic designer, visual artist and photographer, founder of The Red | graphic & web design co. Being in love with the arts, he believes in the provocative power they have for transforming the human being. Be it through writing or images, Chris aims to express himself in the nudity of his spirit and his soul.

website: www.thered.com.br

instagram: @chris.thered

Real Men project: thered.com.br/index.php/projetos-homens-da-real

Chris photographed Hugo in a collaboration between both artist’s work. The session was done in an old flat under renovation in the São Paulo downtown that Hugo transformed into estudio NU. You can see here photoshoot # 24 of 100 NUDE Shoots.

Ditto Leite

Ditto LeiteDitto Leite is an actor, singer, dancer, composer and photographer who has gathered all of these artistic capabilities to build a photographic series called simply Photo-Performance, where for five years he has photographed dozens of nude performers amid self-portraits in a myriad of aesthetically inspired different styles. His work is due to become a book by the end of 2017.

Ditto, in his own words, finds in photography a way to attribute visual materiality to his sensible abilities derived from these other artistic practices, having nudity as his ballast and his trail, extracting poetry from the bodies, guided by freedom. He believes in promoting the nudity practice as a means of empowerment over our own bodies through intimate self-contact.

Instagram: @foto_performance

Ditto Leite photographed Hugo in a collaboration between both artist’s work. The Photo-Performance session was done in an old studio Hugo is renovating in the São Paulo downtown to become studio NU. You can see their photo-performance and read about it on shoot # 23 of 100 NUDE Shoots.

Leandro Soares

Leandro SoaresLeandro Soares is a classical and contemporary ballet dancer born and educated in Santos, Brazil. In recent years, he has been deepening his work in the field of performative dance, and his acts have been contemplated with edicts and cultural prizes. In 2016, he created and presented with Hugo FOOL’s GOLD, a mixed act of dance and performative theater.

Facebook: Leandro Soares

Leandro Soares and Hugo were photographed by Rafi Sousa for their performative act OURO De TOLO (FOOL’s GOLD) in an abandoned São Paulo downtown apartment — which was later renovated and transformed into studio NU. You can see the here photo-performance, published as shoot # 22 of 100 NUDE Shoots.

Dave Russo

Dave RussoDave Russo is a retired attorney enjoying a second career in the creative world. With his husband and two daughters, he moved from upstate New York and has lived in Long Beach, California for over twenty-one years. A member of SAG-AFTRA, he has appeared in commercials, television, theater, film and has written and produced. He has published poetry books “Tokin’ Of My Esteem” and “The Poetic Heart”.

His personal philosophy about the non-finite nature of love and beauty of polyamorous relationships is deeply entrenched in his poetic work. He is a political activist, mentor and patron of the arts.

Site: David Russo

Facebook: The Poetic Heart

Hugo and Dave Russo have been collaborating and mutually inspiring each other for some time, and Hugo invited Dave to write inspired on his photographs. Dave found inspiration in shoot # 21 by Yeu and wrote a 3-part poem called “Pride“, a manifesto which was published by Hugo on LGBT Pride month 2017. You can see the photographs and read the poem here.


Yeu Yeudy SánchezYeu Sánchez is a photographer from Costa Rica, a small country in the tropics. He has been doing fashion photography for 8 years, falling in love with beautiful faces and human shapes. Having been extensively covering the brazilian fashion scene for the past few years, he developed a special interest in male nude photography.

Site: Y|S Studio

Instagram @yeeuu

Facebook: Y|S Studio

Tumblr: yeudyphoto.tumblr.com

Yeu photographed Hugo in his home in São Paulo, and the resulting photo series served as inspiration for American poet Dave Russo to write a 3-part poem called “Pride“, which was published on LGBT Pride month 2017. You can see the photographs and read the poem here.

Janssem Cardoso

Janssem CardosoJanssem Cardoso came from the interior of the Amazon to establish himself as a multitalented photographer in São Paulo, after having accumulated experience with graphical design and ad agencies throughout his career.

“I use to say that photography has brought me closer to people, serving as a way for me to learn about each person’s universe. My work is a reflex of where I came from and of everything I’ve lived and experienced. I try to convey sentiment and truth, and through that honesty, develop empathy with the spectator. I started the Other Colours Project in order to appease my interest in the artistic nude.” — Janssem Cardoso

Site: JanssemCardoso


Instagram @janssemcardoso

Instagram @other_colours

Facebook: Janssem Cardoso

Janssem photographed Hugo in the ruins of an old industrial village in São Paulo. Check it out here.

Isaias Mattos

Isaias Mattos

It was in facing the reality of the fleeting moments that Isaias Mattos, still a child, began to photograph. His gaze could not bear storing so many scenes and thus, over the years, he worked in registering them. In 2007, inspired by the photographs of La Chapelle and Richard Avedon, he assumed his passion as a profession. He improved his techniques doing courses in fashion photography, styling and beauty production. He has had his photographs as covers of several local and international magazines and books.

From this context of visual curiosity he gave birth to the WAPO project, allied to a great desire to photograph male bodies. Initially without great artistic pretensions beyond trying to capture the intimacy and well-being of friends for a pure and simple memento or as a way to share those moments with loved ones, it ended up gaining other dimensions as viewers began to identify with the photo series, which included physical types that escaped from the necessarily lean or muscular male stereotype.

Site: www.isaiasmattos.com.br

WAPO: www.projetowapo.com.br

Instagram @isaiasmattos

Instagram @_wapo

Facebook Isaias Mattos Fotografia

Facebook Projeto Wapo

Isaias Mattos photographed Hugo and Rods at Hugo’s parents’ countryside home. Check out the photoshoot here.

Ale Ruaro

Ale RuaroAle Ruaro (1976) has been a photographer since 1996. From 2004 he has been awarded prizes, invitations and honorable mentions in national and international photography contests, with presence in Argentina, Uruguay, United States, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Cape Verde. In the last five years he has participated in collective and individual exhibitions in Brazil, Colombia and Czech Republic. He has produced and published six books with several print runs.


Instagram @aleruaro

We met after midnight and talked for about one hour in the car while driving around the city. Whenever we found a promising spot, we stopped the car, got out and quickly went for a thrilling shooting sprint. Check out the photos from this night here.

Renato Peixoto

Renato PeixotoRenato Peixoto is a professional photographer from São Paulo whose broad line of work ranges from culinary to theater. He is also part of the Fotomix Collective of photographers.

Renato’s page on facebook

See here Renato Peixoto’s coverage of the project’s photoshoot #17, which consisted of Lenise Pinheiro‘s record of the performance “100 NUDES Celebrate Phedra”, produced as a tribute to Phedra de Cordoba during the Satyrianas 2016 festival.

Lenise Pinheiro

Lenise PinheiroLenise Pinheiro, professional photographer, began to dedicate herself to theatrical photography in the mid-80s, documenting productions of the most expressive Brazilian directors, among them Antunes Filho, Gerald Thomas, Hector Babenco, José Celso Martinez Corrêa, Ulysses Cruz, Romero de Andrade and Lima, Bia Lessa, Arnaldo Jabor and Daniela Thomas. From 1988, she held a series of solo exhibitions, signing her name as the best photographer of the genre today. She was the photographer for all the editions of the Theater Festival of Curitiba (PR) between 1992 and 1997. In 2016 she released her second book, Fotografia de Palco 2, which depicts more than 600 actors from 1983 to 2015.

“Cacilda” – Lenise’s and Nelson de Sá’s blog

See here photoshoot #17, Lenise Pinheiro’s record of the performance “100 NUDES Celebrate Phedra”, produced as a tribute to Phedra de Cordoba during the Satyrianas 2016 festival.

Alberto Prado

Alberto PradoAlberto Prado is an experienced photographer who has built himself a solid name in Brazil by doing what he does best: photographing and teaching to photograph the female nude. His most renowned project, ElaCrua, portrays women in the beautifully raw state they deserve to be seen, in the plain crudeness of their own world, personality and style.

Together with his partner Neto Macedo, Alberto Prado ministers around Brazil the Ela.Nu workshop, where they go over their entire creative process and help the attendees find their own style and voice in photography.







See here the full photoshoot of Hugo by Alberto Prado in an artsy loft in São Paulo centre.

“As if the Soul had an ID, the label serves those of a tangible essence. The purity of truth needs no labels. Just as there is no half lie, the soul can’t be counted, it is plurally unique! By the means, this tangibility is channeled, and these moments, flashes or instants become eternal by the reasoning of my soul, by my link with purity, by my lens. It’s been more than 5 years capturing energy in every way, and thus it all be, as long as it remains true.” — Alberto Prado

Ego Sum Frank

Frank Dezeuxis“I have a special predilection for subverting the everyday codes of bodies in tension and relaxation. I seek to distort in order to dilate this physical presence of the common, ordinary erotic body, creating alternative ways of molding and perceiving that body. To make it extraordinary, thus broadening our view of the nude and its aesthetic states.” — Ego Sum Frank

Instagram: @egosumfrank

See here the full photoshoot #15, of Hugo by Ego Sum Frank.

“Among all forms of human expression, aesthetics is the one that, more than any other, is responsible for our happiness”

Domenico de Masi – The Creative Idleness

Hélio Beltrânio and Lucas Corazza

Meet Hélio Beltrânio and Lucas Corazza.

Hélio Beltrânio and Lucas Corazza“Worse than having nothing to wear is having no one to undress.” — Hélio Beltrânio




Hélio Beltrânio and Lucas Corazza“If appearance explained the essence, taste would be unnecessary.” — Lucas Corazza




See here the complete photoshoot of Hugo by Hélio Beltrânio with art direction by Lucas Corazza.

“There is only one temple in the world and that is the human body. Nothing is more sacred than this sublime form. Bowing before Man is to pay homage to this revelation in the flesh. We touch Heaven when we lay our hand on a human body.” — Friedrich Novalis

Fabio Lopes

Fabio Lopes“Cotidiano Insólito is a performance in which I am willing to go anywhere proposed by the participant, who will pose for me at that place keeping in mind what would be unusual for him or her in their daily lives. The drawings are made by hand during the performance and post-production is made later on the computer. The only records are the drawings and a photo of the space where the performance took place. The finished drawings are not only records but also one of the consequences of this performance.” — Fabio Lopes

“Alas, we are all somewhat mad. If one doesn’t capture another’s point of madness, he may be scared; but as for me, I’m glad to realize that somebody’s point of madness is the source of his or her charm.” — Deleuze


See the complete series of drawings resulting from our collaboration here.

João P. Teles

João P. Teles“I discovered Hugo’s work on tumblr, where I saw his beautiful photos shot by Fernando Schlaepfer test for the 365 nus project. I looked for more of his pictures and then found 100 NUDE Shoots (of Hugo)’s website. We made contact and the conversation about photography and the project’s concept flowed. Weeks later, Hugo told me he was coming to Brasilia and we agreed on the collaboration. Photographed nudity never fails to enchant me, and there are many ways to look at nudity. For this photoshoot I wanted to approach it as something light, natural and fluid. We photographed at the Egrets Park, on the banks of Paranoá lake, one of my favorite places in Brasilia. I was very happy to meet Hugo and contribute to the project with my own vision. I look forward to reading the reviews on the shoot!” — João P. Teles


See the complete photoshoot here.

Chico Castro

Chico Castro“I can’t tell when exactly my passion for nude photography began. What comes to mind is a project I made for a photography course back in 2013. The objective was to photograph members of my own family, and it was in truth an excuse for a reapproximation. This recall of our familial intimacy flowed so well that before I realized my aunts (some of whom were over 60 years old) were posing to me semi-nude.  From then on I started asking my subjects to show them selves beyond clothing, entering an unknown but familiar place, warm and welcoming. Nowadays, on my personal projects, when I see a dressed model I regard the clothes as dull obstacles hindering the sight of a greening landscape. My photoshoots seldom start from a research with precise objectives. When I look at my photos, I recall the shooting process, what I experienced and learned by making them. As for the observers, I let them decide where to go when they look at my images, knowing there’s only two paths: Love or Pain.” — Chico Castro


See here “Us” and “Flesh”, both parts of the complete photoshoot by Chico Castro with Hugo and guest models Rodolfo, Rony and Andre.

Leo Lima

Leo Lima“Nudity, to me, is a way of revealing the intimacy of somebody’s universe. Each person brings a new universe, new colors, new scenery. And every time I photograph different people with different bodies and attitudes, I realize how beauty is plural and singular at the same time.” — Leo Lima


See the full photoshoot #11 here.

João Hannuch

João HannuchArt was brought into João Hannuch’s life by medical recommendation. To control his hyperactivity, he started drawing when he was two. The prescription was so right that since then, his artistic vein keeps developing on different fronts: theater, photography, visual arts, design. In his photographic work, João aims to integrate imagetical languages with acting and illustration, obtaining a result that flirts with the imagination and the creativity of the observer.


Facebook: J H Arte e Fotografia

Instagram: @jhartefotografia

João photographed Hugo for his noir-themed photographic series. Check out shoot number 9 here.

Lucas Ferrier

Lucas Ferrier“I like shining a different light on my models, having them see themselves in a new way. So this is what a fashion beauty shoot is about: we’ll start from the essence of what best you can offer and the photography will bring it all out, stress it out, perfect it. You’ll probably see yourselves in a way you had never imagined.” — Lucas Ferrier



See the complete photoshoot by Lucas Ferrier with Hugo and Rods here.

Vitor Barão (AMOR(A) Project)

Vitor Barão - Projeto AMOR(A)Vitor Barão is a photographer and biologist and creator of Project AMOR(A). AMOR(A) is a photographic project based on the observation of the nuances and latencies of couples’ intimacy. The photographs are taken in their intimate ambience in a process of mutual discovery between photographer and the photographed, between showing and seeing. The images are then revealed on paper with an ink solution based on blackberry (amora) juice, thus composing ephemeral images obtained from the oxidation of the fruit’s reddish pigments.


See the complete photoshoot of Hugo and husband Rodolfo by Vitor Barão here.

Ricardo Rico (The Lonely Project)

Ricardo Rico“‘The Lonely Project’ intends to show male beauty in an intimate way. With a natural but bold touch, the language of loneliness exerts an intrinsic strength and reveals all its depth. It shows that the beauty of male intimacy is present in everyday life and that it should be portrayed just as well as female beauty. It is an indirect way of saying ‘I am here’, not to transgress but to transpose. I believe that in this moment of introspection, the true self emerges and nudity is just a detail before a naked soul in itself.” — Ricardo Rico


The shoot for The Lonely Project was Hugo’s first experience shooting – clothed or nude. See the complete shoot here.