Alejandro Zenha

Alejandro ZenhaAlejandro Zenha is architect, photographer and visual artist.

“Alejandro Zenha is one of those photographers who emerged from the visual arts and, behind the lens of an objective, discovered his true artistic vein and, through them, reveals between lights and flashes his aesthetic poetic vision for the world[…] Through his lenses, he sculpts the portrayed subjects as if they were drawn from an art school of models on display. He turns skin into a universe to be explored, from nudity to insinuation, from insinuation the observer’s desire for the discovery! […]” — Jeocaz Lee-Meddi, writer

Instagram: @alejandrozenha


Alejandro Zenha photographed Hugo at estúdio NU in its final renovation stage, before inauguration, and made for the shoot a collage with street photographs he made of São Paulo. The resulting series of images he called “The Inhabitant“. You can see the complete shoot # 30 of 100 NUDE Shoots here.

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