Dave Russo

Dave RussoDave Russo is a retired attorney enjoying a second career in the creative world. With his husband and two daughters, he moved from upstate New York and has lived in Long Beach, California for over twenty-one years. A member of SAG-AFTRA, he has appeared in commercials, television, theater, film and has written and produced. He has published poetry books “Tokin’ Of My Esteem” and “The Poetic Heart”.

His personal philosophy about the non-finite nature of love and beauty of polyamorous relationships is deeply entrenched in his poetic work. He is a political activist, mentor and patron of the arts.

Site: David Russo

Facebook: The Poetic Heart

Hugo and Dave Russo have been collaborating and mutually inspiring each other for some time, and Hugo invited Dave to write inspired on his photographs. Dave found inspiration in shoot # 21 by Yeu and wrote a 3-part poem called “Pride“, a manifesto which was published by Hugo on LGBT Pride month 2017. You can see the photographs and read the poem here.