Ditto Leite

Ditto LeiteDitto Leite is an actor, singer, dancer, composer and photographer who has gathered all of these artistic capabilities to build a photographic series called simply Photo-Performance, where for five years he has photographed dozens of nude performers amid self-portraits in a myriad of aesthetically inspired different styles. His work is due to become a book by the end of 2017.

Ditto, in his own words, finds in photography a way to attribute visual materiality to his sensible abilities derived from these other artistic practices, having nudity as his ballast and his trail, extracting poetry from the bodies, guided by freedom. He believes in promoting the nudity practice as a means of empowerment over our own bodies through intimate self-contact.

Instagram: @foto_performance

Ditto Leite photographed Hugo in a collaboration between both artist’s work. The Photo-Performance session was done in an old studio Hugo is renovating in the São Paulo downtown to become studio NU. You can see their photo-performance and read about it on shoot # 23 of 100 NUDE Shoots.