Isaias Mattos

Isaias Mattos

It was in facing the reality of the fleeting moments that Isaias Mattos, still a child, began to photograph. His gaze could not bear storing so many scenes and thus, over the years, he worked in registering them. In 2007, inspired by the photographs of La Chapelle and Richard Avedon, he assumed his passion as a profession. He improved his techniques doing courses in fashion photography, styling and beauty production. He has had his photographs as covers of several local and international magazines and books.

From this context of visual curiosity he gave birth to the WAPO project, allied to a great desire to photograph male bodies. Initially without great artistic pretensions beyond trying to capture the intimacy and well-being of friends for a pure and simple memento or as a way to share those moments with loved ones, it ended up gaining other dimensions as viewers began to identify with the photo series, which included physical types that escaped from the necessarily lean or muscular male stereotype.



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Isaias Mattos photographed Hugo and Rods at Hugo’s parents’ countryside home. Check out the photoshoot here.