Alberto Prado

Alberto PradoAlberto Prado is an experienced photographer who has built himself a solid name in Brazil by doing what he does best: photographing and teaching to photograph the female nude. His most renowned project, ElaCrua, portrays women in the beautifully raw state they deserve to be seen, in the plain crudeness of their own world, personality and style.

Together with his partner Neto Macedo, Alberto Prado ministers around Brazil the Ela.Nu workshop, where they go over their entire creative process and help the attendees find their own style and voice in photography.

See here the full photoshoot of Hugo by Alberto Prado in an artsy loft in São Paulo centre.

“As if the Soul had an ID, the label serves those of a tangible essence. The purity of truth needs no labels. Just as there is no half lie, the soul can’t be counted, it is plurally unique! By the means, this tangibility is channeled, and these moments, flashes or instants become eternal by the reasoning of my soul, by my link with purity, by my lens. It’s been more than 5 years capturing energy in every way, and thus it all be, as long as it remains true.” — Alberto Prado