Chico Castro

Chico Castro“I can’t tell when exactly my passion for nude photography began. What comes to mind is a project I made for a photography course back in 2013. The objective was to photograph members of my own family, and it was in truth an excuse for a reapproximation. This recall of our familial intimacy flowed so well that before I realized my aunts (some of whom were over 60 years old) were posing to me semi-nude.  From then on I started asking my subjects to show them selves beyond clothing, entering an unknown but familiar place, warm and welcoming. Nowadays, on my personal projects, when I see a dressed model I regard the clothes as dull obstacles hindering the sight of a greening landscape. My photoshoots seldom start from a research with precise objectives. When I look at my photos, I recall the shooting process, what I experienced and learned by making them. As for the observers, I let them decide where to go when they look at my images, knowing there’s only two paths: Love or Pain.” — Chico Castro

See here “Us” and “Flesh”, both parts of the complete photoshoot by Chico Castro with Hugo and guest models Rodolfo, Rony and Andre.