Lenise Pinheiro

Lenise PinheiroLenise Pinheiro, professional photographer, began to dedicate herself to theatrical photography in the mid-80s, documenting productions of the most expressive Brazilian directors, among them Antunes Filho, Gerald Thomas, Hector Babenco, José Celso Martinez Corrêa, Ulysses Cruz, Romero de Andrade and Lima, Bia Lessa, Arnaldo Jabor and Daniela Thomas. From 1988, she held a series of solo exhibitions, signing her name as the best photographer of the genre today. She was the photographer for all the editions of the Theater Festival of Curitiba (PR) between 1992 and 1997. In 2016 she released her second book, Fotografia de Palco 2, which depicts more than 600 actors from 1983 to 2015.

“Cacilda” – Lenise’s and Nelson de Sá’s blog

See here photoshoot #17, Lenise Pinheiro’s record of the performance “100 NUDES Celebrate Phedra”, produced as a tribute to Phedra de Cordoba during the Satyrianas 2016 festival.