Rony Hernandes

Rony Hernandes JuniorRony Hernandes is a young, 20-year-old artist with the sensibility of an ancient soul. Photography became a vehicle in his quest to express feelings in visual stories, either in self-portraits or by telling the lives of others in pictures. Thus he created Project “Florescer” (“Blossoming”), where he unveils personal stories of the models’ and performers’ blossoming, which can also be read as discovery, growth, self-knowledge… His photographs always explore the corporal expression of melancholy, vulnerability or tenderness, allowing for multiple interpretations.

Project Florescer

Rony Hernandes photographed Hugo for 100 NUDE Shoots and for his Project Florescer on the roof of a building in São Paulo at sunrise, which represented so many blossoming for both of them. You can see the complete shoot # 27 of 100 NUDE Shoots here.

Rony also participated as performer and model on shoot # 12 of 100 NUDE Shoots by Chico Castro.

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